Building Trust in the Digital Economy

By using these badges, you agree to our terms and understand that the Protection Badges are to help protect original or copyrighted content.

You agree you will place the Protection Badge on your website or a website that you are responsible for the content.

You agree that you will preserve the badge code, as is, unaltered in any way and not remove or alter the hyperlink, code or image in any way. If the badge is altered in any way, we reserve the right to deny access to further services. We reserve the right to cancel your permission to use our copyrighted property and require removal from your site.

If the badge is found to be published on a website that is determined to contain stolen content, you understand that will pursue proper proceedings against the website where the badge is displayed against our terms.

Information on DMCA1 badges and how to use our badges on your website is in a secure area provided to paid clients. DMCA1 Badges are protected by copyright and trademark law.

at Blue Planet Security Corporation and Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is (c) Copyright 2023 by Blue Planet Offices, Inc.

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